Royal Velouttè Skincare Journal, Journey to Royal Layers


Benefits Of Royal Velouttè Skincare Journal

  • Interactive Journal
  • In depth Skincare Knowledge and Tips
  • Provide necessary tools to create healthy habits
  • 6 Week tracking guide to pinpoint what is causing skin concerns/conditions
  • Able to track skincare progress
  • Section to get to know “You”
  • Section to get to know what is in your products
  • Travel Checklist
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly reflections
  • Glow With Us Challenge (Take your skin to another level with our 28 day Skincare Challenge)
  • Notes section to annotate progress or concerns to take back to your Skincare Professional
  • Can be used with ANY skincare product line


Are you interested in achieving healthier glowing skin but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to give your skin that extra boost but no matter what you try, nothing works? Have you been doing everything right in terms of your skincare regimens and routines, yet you’re seeing no improvements with your skin? Are you a skincare professional in need of a better way for your clients to track daily habits that effect their skin? If this is you, the Royal Velouttè Skincare Journal was designed to give you the basic knowledge and tips on how to achieve healthy glowing skin, provide you with the tools necessary to track and narrow down what could ultimately be hindering you from your royal
glow and helping you to develop a more disciplined and consistent lifestyle to achieve healthy glowing skin from the inside out! Are you ready to reveal your royal layers?


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