“It is my pleasure to introduce my soon to be Royals to high-end quality skincare that works! I stand behind my product and I am confident in my skincare lines ability to help you on your quest to achieve great skin. As with an effective diet or workout routine, we must take that extra step and invest in our skincare. After all it is the first thing anyone sees upon meeting you. First impressions are lasting…ensure they are SKINTASTIC!”

After turning 30, Lakeisha Story, a United States Army Sergeant, realized the necessity for having an effective skincare regimen. She developed Milia, a skin condition that occurs when the layers of your skin are not turning efficiently and little white cyst like bumps become trapped under the layers of your skin. In a quest to treat her condition while traveling for work and training in the field for the United States Army Reserves, she did her research and became passionate about skincare, the importance of caring for and protecting maturing skin and developing a skincare regimen that will effectively treat problematic skin and commonly known skin issues. From this experience, she formed Royal Veloutté Skincare, LLC.

Why Us

Royal Velouttè Skincare values our Royal consumers and it is our belief that high-end skincare should contain advanced and innovative ingredients that work! Guided by principles of responsibility, vision, integrity, mutual understanding, creative cooperation and continuous improvement, we are passionate in our pursuit to provide our Royals with products that will help them to achieve quality spa treatment from home. Royal Velouttè vows to continuously refine our processes to provide our Royal’s skincare products that are sure to reveal the royal skin they’re in.